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CRIS 2012

The conference is over. In the retrospect, it looks like it was a successful event.

You can find the papers and the presentations on a special page at the euroCRIS website.

Here are the results of the Max Stempfhuber Award vote.


Wednesday, June 6


20120606T141212 20120606T154022 20120606T154123 20120606T170023 20120606T170148 1
2 20120606T170446 20120606T170549 20120606T170640 20120606T170726 20120606T173202
20120606T140943 20120606T135307 20120606T184030 20120606T185318 20120606T135339 20120606T162726
20120606T160845 20120606T162837 20120606T175429 20120606T183008 20120606T201806 20120606T182932

Thursday, June 7


20120607T064447 20120607T064411 20120607T114010 20120607T064429 20120607T064652 20120607T064734
20120607T070058 20120607T070424 20120607T071416 20120607T070354 20120607T083906 20120607T083949
20120607T131154 20120607T171716

Friday, June 8


20120608T080225 20120608T080248 P6080009 20120608T090413 20120608T134700 20120608T165043
20120608T165050 20120608T165106 20120608T165132 20120608T165147 20120608T165201 20120608T165212
20120608T171259 20120608T171349 20120608T171427 20120608T171458 20120608T171522 20120608T171918
20120608T172137 20120608T172635 20120608T172859 20120608T173628 20120608T173722 20120608T173851
20120608T174319 20120608T174641 20120608T174724 P6080012 P6080013 P6080016
P6080017 P6080019 P6080021 P6080023 P6080025 P6080027
P6080028 P6080033 P6080035 P6080036 P6080038 P6080039
P6080040 P6080041 P6080042 P6080043 P6080044 P6080045
P6080047 P6080048 P6080049 P6080051

Friday, June 8, the Conference Dinner


20120608T195711 20120608T195732 20120608T195817 20120608T195920 20120608T200237 20120608T201628
20120608T205436 20120608T210540 20120608T210610 20120608T210711 20120608T222617 20120608T222625
20120608T222638 20120608T222828 20120608T222849 20120608T222904 20120608T222958 20120608T223040
20120608T223107 20120608T223249 20120608T223303 20120608T223407 20120608T223454 20120608T223504
20120608T223537 20120608T225020 20120608T225026 20120608T225124 20120608T225125 20120608T225215
20120608T230318 20120608T230349 20120608T230356 20120608T230405 20120608T230425 P6080066
P6080069 P6080070 P6080071 P6080072 P6080073 P6080074
P6080076 P6080078 P6080079 P6080080 P6080081 P6080082
P6080083 P6080089 P6080090 P6080091 P6080092 P6080093
P6080094 P6080095 P6080096 P6080097 P6080098 P6080099
P6080100 P6080101 P6080102 P6080103 P6080104 P6080105
P6080106 P6080107 P6080111 P6080112 P6080113 P6080115
P6080116 P6080117

Saturday, June 9


20120609T091751 P6090118 P6090122 P6090124 P6090127 P6090125
P6090129 Keith Jeffery and Brigitte Jörg, Jan Dvořák and Thomas Vestdam - the authors of the paper that won the Max Stempfhuber Award P6090131 P6090133 20120609T141751 P6090138
20120609T150040 P6090140 P6090141 P6090143 P6090142 20120609T161016
P6090147 P6090150 P6090162 P6090163 20120609T162341 P6090169
P6090170 P6090171 P6090173 P6090175 P6090176 P6090177
P6090178 P6090179 P6090181 P6090182 P6090187 DSC06258
DSC06261 DSC06279 DSC06281 DSC06315